Financial online games

On this site we have collected links to games designed to test your knowledge of how central banks and the financial markets operate.

multi_politiikka_01_en.jpg Monetary policy game - Try your luck and skills at being a central banker.
Monetary Policy Quiz If you get a perfect score on this monetary policy quiz, you might consider applying for a job at the Bank of Finland in the future!
The money and price quiz The money and price quiz questions are easier than in the monetary policy quiz, but they still demand some thought.

€CONOMIA - The Monetary Policy Game
Have you ever wondered what exactly monetary policy is? Or how the key interest rate affects inflation? €CONOMIA will help you understand these basics of central banking. Your goal is to keep inflation low, at just under 2%, and stable. The interest rate decisions you take can achieve that - but they can also cause inflation to slow down or to rise sharply. Achieving a balance between the two extremes is not easy.

You'll find the €CONOMIA from the App Store. Price = 0 euro!
inflation_island.jpg Inflation Island - How inflation affects the economy Explore the different areas of Inflation Island, see how people react to inflation and deflation, and how the scenery changes. You can also test your knowledge and try to identify the different inflation scenarios. The Island’s cinema features videos and photos showing how inflation and deflation have affected various countries over the years.
Top Floor Top Floor - Will you make it to the Top Floor?
Location: ECB’s Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany
Your Mission: Collect the 7 briefing documents for the Governing Council on the Top Floor
Response time: Intelligently fast!
Mission support: A phone call away
multi_laskuri_01_en.jpg The money value converter shows you how the value of money has changed from the past to the present day.