The Bank of Finland promotes young persons' economic knowledge. To this effect, the Bank has introduced the idea of Eurokampus, which covers economic-theme competitions, Talous tutuksi (Understanding the Economy) educational tours for teachers, this extensive online study site, and student group visits to the Bank of Finland Museum and the Bank of Finland.

The Eurokampus online study site offers various exercises, games, videos and articles designed to meet the curricular objectives of economics taught in secondary school, upper secondary school and vocational institutions. The aim is to provide an easy-to-understand overview for example of what makes price stability so important, what the tasks of the Bank of Finland and the European Central Bank are, how statistics should be interpreted, what issues to consider when taking out a loan, and what money actually is.

We hope Eurokampus will prove to be a concrete teaching aid. In this teacher section you will find more information on Eurokampus resources available for teachers.teemakuva_eurokampus_554.jpg