Finanzity is a speedy and exciting online game designed to help learn a range of economics concepts. The object of the game is to increase the players' awareness of central banking operations, personal money management and other economics-related matters. The issues are hidden within the plot of the game, and appear unexpectedly.

The main target group of the game are 9th graders (15-16 year-olds), as well as students in upper high school and tertiary education. The game has been designed to be played through within a lesson. A round takes about 30-40 minutes. And can be played in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The Teachers' Guide (PDF, 3 MB) provides tips to help the game move forward and more details on matters which would be good to handle in the class, before playing the game itself.

The Teachers' Guide high res (PDF, 16 MB)


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The game has been created by the Bank of Finland.

Download and print: Poster (PDF, 751 KB) or brochure (PDF, 748 KB)