Payments and agreements


Do you feel like buying a new tablet, a bag or a moped? Could you afford to buy yourself a flat? When buying products and services, one should always consider which means of payment are available and make most sense when paying for the purchase. Cinema tickets are most easily bought using cash. In contrast, large purchases often require more money than you have in your wallet or bank account. Purchases can be funded by saving in advance or taking a loan. Advance saving is usually the most economical way to make a purchase. Read more about the various means of payment available, below. 

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Opening a bank account and taking out various insurance policies become pertinent when you start your first job or when you go on holiday, for instance. When you take on new banking or insurance services, it is important to agree on the obligations and responsibilities of the parties in order to ensure smooth operation of the services. When entering into a contract, it is vitally important to read through the agreement before signing it. 

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